Dec 25, 2011

Hai Bloggers

Have not been up here for quite a while
I kinda miss it now
Two weeks of holidays...
Don't you think I should write some?

See ya soon

Oct 17, 2011

bad bad day :(

BAD BAD DAY! 2presentations(and I forgot my pendrive at home so I had to do it spontaneously) train delay, class after school, bio test result! I seriously hate Mondays! :('

Sep 26, 2011

losing grip

Kadang2 rase sunyi pulak..
takde tempat nak mengadu..

Dulu, jumpa kat sekolah, balik pun nak mesej lagi.
Sayang sangat~
Sekarang, kat sekolah je boleh..
After school, ur on ur own..

Now, when it comes to this situation, this condition where I don't think mom and dad would understand me and not even friends from school. We've been friends for less than two years. Its not a total giving and recieving yet. Its always what you think you should share and tell. Yess they're my soul but, those precious ones...old life mates.... I need an immediate contact for these situations...when I struggle, feeling down and just kinda want to work and let things out in seconds. you know...
and they will be there at anytime you need them. just at any time.

I seriously miss those days. I miss them.

Sep 20, 2011

Tuesday, 20 Sept 2011

I woke up at 5.30 as usual.
It was really a dark and heavy weather outside.
So I came and thought about skippin school today.
But hell noo, i wouldnt want to skip school coz by missing one class of a subject, my life is going to be miserable for the rest of the week.

Presentation, circle discussion and others went well. Alhamdulillah.

Time goes fast! I have tonnes and tonnes of homework tonight!
Till we meet again tmorrow! See ya!

Sep 19, 2011


So the news about going back to Malaysia next year was really a heart breaking!
Its not like I don't wanna go back to my home country, its just that Ive planned so much and dreamt about all things to be done within these two years with my friends. I hate it when something/someone comes and ruined everything. Ahhh!

Tapi takpelah, manusia hanya merancang...Allah yang tentukan. Im sure banyak hikmah dsbalik semua ni.

Special to my ayah, I love you. I'll do anything for you. Imma study hard to achieve good results so that you're proud of me! I know you've work so hard untuk besarkan kami adik beradik. Alhamdulillah 3 dah masuk universiti. I'm next insya-Allah. You're getting old and tired enough of all, family, children and stuffs! Im really sorry for you.

Sorry for always blaming you about all these matters. Ahhhh Im such a bad daughter. But, I love you! Thanks for everything, especially for math and business lessons!

Sep 7, 2011

Buat pertama kali dalam hidup, I've answered the quiz with confidence! What a relief! Since first day of school(dis year) i've set my mind that "Biology is hard", "Biology isn't fun", "Though the teacher is HOT(cuz i used to have a crush on him last year besides my Math teacher but Biology isnt!", Biology sucks", "I hate Biology", "I'm incredibly stupid at Science since I was in primary school", "I'm never gonna do any better in this class" & "oohhhh I'm screwed!" These are all the wajib phrases that I wud always recite! Yes RECITE! Well, for days that ade Bio. Lgi teruk bila double. As I said, takkan nak biar macam tu je kan? Dah la waktu buat Lab(experiment) pun aku SLOW, bekerja pun dengan orang SLOW, everything went SLOW. But yes i worked hard to really understand the lesson we had on Statistic stuffs. looking forwd for the result. (A+++) :)

My Math Quiz result was Good. Alhamdulillah. Got to do tutor for my friend who didnt really do 'that' well. Goooood good good for myslef.

*banyak lak puji diri sendri kan kali ni? poyo je. Takpela..skali skala...

IB is hard. Yes it really is! Besides kena get good grades for sepanjang dua tahun ni, we also need to make points for outside class activity. Macam kokorikulum juga but it is called "CAS". And there's gonna be reflection for evry single thing we do. Arghh rumit rumit. But, its starting. Trying to get used to it.
So,..untuk tidak merumitkan keadaan dgn menangguh benda-benda CAS ni, my friends and I decided  nak pergi volunteer bat riceballs at Omotesando! Yesss! Looking forward for that tooo on the 25th September? Anybody wanna join? Hi hi hi

Minggu ni quite busy. Mesti korang yg fren dgn aku kat facebook tak percaya. cuz i was sooo into it. Salu je online kan. haha. But i have my own way of working. Kalau mengantok mesti kena online. Wajib wajib.
Petang, salu kena stay after school..either study group with friends or buat presentation. Memang CHOII la. kata pun IB kan.

So, here are some videos of these three idiots. Sambil wat keje mmg kena main2 sama ye. Kitorang tak pernah serius. Except waktu belajar BIO. Sebab aku suck, so aku paksa diorang ajar aku smpai aku dpt. Jangan gelak2. Enjoy our silly stupid countenance and actions and voice and and and........

Aug 22, 2011

I just gotta love the lyrics and evrythg bout it!
Terharunya dengan pengorbanan lelaki ni.
Oh myyyy..ada tak lelaki mcm ni lagi dalam dunia ni?

Ever since ive kinda learned about love and feeling and stuffs, lelaki..memang tak boleh dipercayai..especially ayat2 manis diorang. hehe. Okay, learn from experience.

Ya Allah...pertemukan aku dengan mereka...

Aug 21, 2011

wondering if...

should i deactivate my facebook acc? or should not?
i've been thinking about it all day long..
since i realized that ive misused it along my break (summer break)..
and found out that nothing has been completely and perfectly done..
a lot of editing needs to be done on some of my assignments..

two days left for school..
i dont feel like im a student anymore..
im totally screwed this summer.
*ehh? not really! My summa has been pretty awesome though! I did some of my assigments. And okay okay, no regrets! Tidur pun cukup+terlebih apa! *incase masuk sekolah nanti tak sempat tidur ke.

Okay, baju dah iron, kasut dah ready, buku dah ready, beg dah ready, semua dah ready except assigmnt and skirt yg perlu 'diperkecilkan' sedikit. *bajet kurus kejap. walaupun berat tak turun pun bulan puasa ni. hahah!

Say bye and hello to me, wish me luck, wish me joy, wish me wish me wish me all da best!

International Baccalaureate, im coming for u idiot! :D

Aug 3, 2011

Im back with regards to....

im finally here. nothin much to say.
saje nak melawat blog yg dah berhabuk ni.

lagi 20 hari nak masuk sekolah setelah sekian lama bercuti.
and theres so much crap that needs to be done.
HOLY SH*&@#$%%

thats it for today,..i miss talking to you guys up here. ive been so busy lately :P


Fyra J.

Jul 7, 2011

Moving Trapped

“So, you’re promoted up to a higher stage? Then, where do we move to dad?” my ten year old brother inquired as if we were actually leaving. I wondered how this rumor came out and why my dad had not told all of us at the same time. “Mom, are we seriously leaving Kuala Lumpur?” I croaked. Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia, located about hundred miles from Kedah, the place we are moving. Mom suggested I directly ask Dad since he is the one deciding whether to move or not. Dad said if should focus on studying and stop worrying about moving since he was still deciding the best for us all. Dad works in an agricultural company, and he enjoys moving to a new place. A few weeks later, my dad announced that we are surely moving to Kedah at the end of the school year. My heart was stunned into silence. When I went to bed, I wondered how I could leave my friends and go to Kedah. I stared at the photos on the wall. Memories of us at school on the Wednesdays where we all had to wear the uniforms we were assigned to, for after school activity. We, Syaza, Had, Mai, Mun, Mai, and I wore the same color. A small part of my heart somehow thought that it might be a good thing for my future to experience something new since I had already experienced moving to Malawi years ago. That night, I ended up having a mixture of feelings of whether to like it or not.

Girded by the apple of my eye at school and home was such a grateful thing along the years I had lived in Kuala Lumpur. That night, my sleep did not flow like a stream, but came in spurts, like the water that spewed from our faucet, on and off, in the heat of summer. The next morning I was tired and groggy. I could not accept the fact that I am leaving the place where I grew up and had the coolest friends since I was in kindergarten. I told Mun about my leaving to Kedah on our short way to school. She has not talked much but was disgruntled about why my dad always has to move. For the next few days, I hardly talked though I used to be loud and extroverted in class, but I was not ready to tell them about the news. In the cafeteria, Syaza asked if what Mun had told them was true. “Mus, are you seriously leaving?” Syaza gulped, “why didn’t you tell us? We heard this from Mun.” I kept concentrating on my food without answering her. I was not sure what was going on in my head. Probably, I cannot accept that I am going to leave her and my other friends. Imagined having lunch with different people, with a different Malay accent, in a different cafeteria and not be able to tease each other when the person we secretly admire walk passed our lunch table. There was never an inch of gap among five of us. Sometimes, if I forgot my money, I could just choose whose food was best and share with her. Being friends with people who I know nothing about seems impossible for me. I felt sorry for not telling them earlier. They were shocked and were concerned about me since then. Whatever I suggested, they will said “Mus is leaving, let’s do whatever she wants.” Everyday after school, we walked to the park and later spent hours at someone’s house among five of us. I promised myself to appreciate every second of the remaining time I have left with them. After the school year finished, they organized an official party of my leaving at a mall for our two years of middle year classes. Besides the party, we went hanging out quite a few times. I felt grateful to have friends like them and hoped to be friends forever.

Time goes fast. On the exact day of leaving Kuala Lumpur, the whole house fell wordless. Early in the morning, Mun and Had came to say goodbye for the last time even though we have already done so yesterday. It showed how valuable our friendship is. They told me about Syaza and Mai who could not make it this morning. “Nobody can tear us apart, don’t forget me and always keep in touch. We are going to be just the same like we are now except that we are not going to meet each other for every single day as how we used to,” I croaked while hugging them tightly. “We always love you,” they cried. They handed me a present which was from all of them. I wanted to thank her, but no words came out. I did not realize that I was trembling until she hugged me. My mom and my sister also hugged and thanked them for everything that they had done and hoping to see them again. “Mus, no matter which corner of the world you may go and live in, our heart, will always are open for you,” Mun bawled. I buried my face in the folds of her scarf. Few minutes later, neither one of us spoke. We captured each other’s gaze for a moment before I turned around and walked away. Our Toyota left the land yard of our house. The whole car was wet with tears of my three brothers and sister. I hardly saw my friends anymore and did not even wave at them because my eyes and my head were filled with tears of sadness. The journey to Kedah took about five hours.

My daily routine was slightly different from before, and I would say my first day of school was horribly unforgettable. I felt awkward waking up early on the Sundays. In Kedah and few other provinces, school goes from Sunday through Thursday. My school is located far from my house. I was forced to wake up much earlier to catch the school bus. Unlike before, Mun and I waited until the last ten minutes for the bell to ring to start walking. I felt like a buffoon when sometimes I did not get a seat so I had to stand for an hour on the bus. It was even more terrible when the driver pressed the break causing people to drop their books on the floor. “Don’t make people pay the fees if you don’t have enough seats!” I mumbled. I wished Mun was there and I promised I would never make her shut when she was talking. I had no friends to talk to on my way to school. Besides starting school on the Sunday, I attended a single sex school which was an extremely different. I remembered on my first day of school, during the second last period, while waiting for the next teacher, I had a daydream that I could not wait to go home and tell everyone “people weren’t that bad and teachers were nice.” However, my daydream instantly stopped when a woman wearing spectacles with dark skin, stepped in the class and walked straight away to her desk without looking around to us. “Are you the new girl?” she pointed at me, “what’s your name?” Since I was hypnotized by her asperity slamming the registration book on her desk, I did not realized that I was still sitting while my mouth opening answering her. Suddenly, “Hey you! Please stand up while I am talking to you” she growled, “doesn’t mean you’re from Kuala Lumpur you don’t have to respect teachers.” As I stood up, I heard a snicker from the teacher, and my face turned warm with shame and anger. Instead of standing up, I wished I could run away from the class, from the school, from the country, back to my old school. I almost burst out tears. Afterwards, the bell rang to indicate school was over. Without waiting for my new friend, Anis, I went ahead could not wait to get home. Luckily, I told my brother who was having holidays from his university to pick me up on my first day of school. Without turning left or right, I went out through the main gate instead of the small one where students were lining up. I wonder why they didn’t go out. Suddenly, the guard came and I was told to get in the gate and lined up with other students. I was so ashamed that I wanted to hide my face in my hands and become invisible. I blamed the school for having such a stupid rule. Like I expected, the first question was “Ira, how’s school?” I wondered why that needed to be the first question. I was hoping for “how big is the building?” or “how many friends have you gotten to know?” “It was okay” I simply answered hiding my sadness. When I arrived home, mom, dad, sister and my other brothers waited for me and asked the same question. I answered, “It was okay. I need time to get used to it,” I answered and went upstairs to take shower. I cried and cried. I always waited for Thursdays to come. All day long I was like a fluttering butterfly in a spring garden. There was so much to do. At night, I read the book that my friends from Kuala Lumpur had signed. It was full of advice and inspirations, which again made me burst into tears. Dad came and gave me some advice. “Things always change. Not all things happen as we want. Sometimes they turn out differently”, he smoothed my hair.

A few months later, I adapted myself better and got many friends in Kedah. With my extroverted attitude, it was easy to get along with all kinds of people. About the “monster teacher” I’d say, everyone said she is the scariest teacher they ever had. She once threw a student’s book from the second floor to the garden on the first floor due to her overdue homework. I told Syaza, Mun, Mai, and Had everything I went through for every single day. My new friends, Aisya, Atika, and I, often spent time together, having sleepovers at Aisya’s house and did studying for the upcoming exam. We had been through together a lot. One year had passed. One year, I left my best friends in Kuala Lumpur. Less than one year later I had known Aisya and Atika closer and wished we would be in the same class next year. Luckily, the three of us were placed in the same class. It felt good being in junior high school with best friends around. I wished Mai, Syaza, Had and Mun were here too. Two months after the new school year started, my dad mentioned moving to Japan.

“Why so sudden?” I moaned, “It was only a year and months that we moved to Kedah and now we’re moving again, in fact, to a different country?” At night, I sat on the bed staring at the moon by the window. It seemed close that I could almost grab it. The moon outshined all other luminaries in the night sky. Trying to be positive, I thought, my life was going to be a lot shinier as how the moon shined this night. Being fifteen taught me to be mature and support what is best in my family. “Things always changes” was true. I realized friends are precious thing to leave behind but life goes on. From then on, I believed, moving to another place is a real fun. My friends from Kuala Lumpur had never experienced being yelled at by a teacher on their first day of school. Some people know nothing about how it feels moving to a different place that I learned to be grateful and thankful. Experience disciplined me to be mature and accept fate. Experiences are very valuable and always believe that most things that the elderly says are often right. Understand that friends come and go, but with precious a few, we should hold on. Work hard to keep these friends even if we are separated by geography, because the older we get, the more we need the people who knew us when we were young. The more changes we went through throughout our life, the more colorful our experiences will be.


Jul 2, 2011

Sambutan Hari Jadi saya.

Halloo/ Assalamualaikum semua!
Maaflah sudah lama tak berkarya.
Sibuk dengan rutin harian yang baru (ececeh)
Jogging, tidur and stuffs???? hmmm

The last day of summer school(thursday30/6) was really fun and such a coincidence that it was my birthday!
Cikgu buat surprise party for me.
Terharu sangat-sangat! :(

As usual, kelas pertama which i do (delivering speeches) start 8.30 pagi- 10.00 pagi.
Kelas kedua (writing esssays) 10.30 pagi- 11.00 pagi. Rehat 30 minit between the two classes.
It has been a really fun summer school.
Memang sgt2 free since pelajar tak banyak. Dalam 6-7 orang je. So, tak jadi masalah untuk participate more in class!
Peluang ni kami ambik untuk buat kerja "all out" punya untuk grade yang memberangsangkan!

Kami semua dapat pujian yang best la drp cikgu.
Sampaikan waktu rehat pun tak berhenti menge-taip! (rajin lah konon??)
Alhamdulillah, keputusan kedua-dua kelas saya sgt memuaskan compared to last year punya summer school! Yeayyyyyyyy!

Since it was the last day of school, kelas pertama berjalan seperti biasa.
Kelas kedua, kitorang buat party!

Enjoy some of the photos;

Berlatih untuk persembahan 'one act' on "Nobody's perfect"

Gonna miss u Hye Won! The character of "Julia" in the play.

Aileen(yg berdiri) merupakan our director..sedang mebetulkan pronunciation Rubaiyat(the one with cream blouse)

  Tuan Director panas hati..kami menganggu! Haha! Sorry dude!

Awesome girls! Dari kanan; Rubaiyat, Peris, Hye Won.

Aileen! What the heck are u staring at?


Muka terharu. hehe. Birthday girl!

I wonder how they organized all these within 30 minutes! It was just awesome!


Foods...and they even ordered some pizzas..

Balloons..Peris, Halimah..


Adik2..diorang la yang siapkan hiasan semua ni. How sweet adik oi!! Thanks ye!

 Awesome teachers! From left; Ms.Abrams and Ms.Joji!


After school...I met another geng...for Shibuya!

Ape masalah aku?

Nana, Yuri, Daeun. Tak photogenic langsung dorang. Waktu PURIKURA je bukan main.

Jin Young, korean..yang sewel :P

Si genius Daeun. Cute kan? Pun korean... Die rajin tunjuk gambar2 artis korea yg penyanyi2 remaja2 Melayu minat. Tapi...sorang pun gua tak kenal. Sorry dude!

Since it was raining hardly outside..we decided to do PURIKURA instead of shopping! Wajib2! But sadly..i dont have the real picture. The real Purikura. My fren has it.



Berhampiran booth yang ke3 kami ber-purikura :D Real fun!

Aku kalah...huahua...

undur diri dulu lah...

Suck jugak! Kalah lagi. Haha

Some of the presents that ive got; lunch box warna pink..comel gila.., teddy bear comel bought from cambodia, getah rambut comel jugak..kissess and hugs..haha!

Thanks everyone!...for the wishes, presents and the surprise party!!!

Jun 28, 2011


My Birthday is tomorrow..
I'm so nervous bout it..
I was hoping for "that" to happen..
But I was the one who "started"..

NO :(

Jun 20, 2011

Penangan Nora Elena

OMJAY? OMG lah.....

I was searching for banner Nora Elena yang ade Erry Putra sekali..tapi takdak. Pasaipa no? Hemmm. Tapi takpelah sikit pun jadi...jom jom...

Was Nora Elena from Slot Akasia? Yes i'm pretty sure not it must be from Slot Akasia. There are only a few things that i wanna share. Akhir-akhir ni..Fyra J banyak dengar dari kawan2 tentang cerita ni.. Macam2 perceptions lah diorang post dekat Facebook tu. Due to(news sana sini), tergerak hati nak tengok. Punyalah usaha search website itu ini sebab nak tengok. Kadang-kadang kat Youtube tak boleh..kadang-kadang boleh pulak~

Khatam cepat je. Setiap hari paling sikit dua episod. Kadang-kadang sampai berperang either dgn Ifwat or Ayah untuk guna komputer. Yang bestnya, ade sokongan dari Mak. Yela kita sama-sama layan. Ayah jangan cakap banyak yeh...sape suruh tak pasang wifi~hehuhehu

For that matter...aku perasan...ade beberapa kesan yang "menggedik" berlaku dekat aku. Menyampah weh~~~

  1. Suka Bunga: Sepanjang hidup aku..eiii tak pernah mengada-ngada nak bau bunga. Kalau lalu depan pokok bunga warna ape pun, tak pernah pulak aku nak membongkokkan diri untuk bau. Serius ni! Semenjak tengok Nora Elena ni, ya Allah. Insan yang mencintai flora? Kalau jalan-jalan tu nampak bunga yang warna dia menarik, cantik, mesti nak pegi bau. Lalu depan kedai bunga, mesti nak kena singgah. Gatal nak beli, nak letak dalam bilik. And I just realized how pretty bunga-bunga kejadian Allah..Cantik dan harum baunya...
  2. Gila Erry: Aku gila kat Inspector amir. Setiap hari mesti nak tengok die kat twitter. Tolong weh! Taknak la angau macam ni! Menyampah-menyampah~
  3. Gila Aaron Aziz: Tak lah hairan sangat sebab die memang meletop kan sekarang kat Malaysia?
  4. Nak suami macam Seth: Yang ni ak perlu la in detail kut. hehehe. Tula selalu berangan nak suami penyabar! Amin~ :D

Menggedik sangat kan? Takpelah sekali sekala.

Jun 16, 2011

Fyra J berjaya laksanakan dua drp senarai tuuuu!

Isnin- Berjaya memulakan perjuangan! 4 times around Setagaya Park. Sambil menghirup udara segar, dapat cuci mata since ade pelajar-pelajar High School buat latihan Soccer. Bapak laju diorang lari! How I wished my best friends were here. Mesti seronok memilih mane satu yang sesuai. Mak lang suddenly asked me “Ira takde pakwe ke?” Mak lang kata sepatutnya baya aku ni, dah kena ade. The heck?

Selasa- Menuju ke Setagaya Park dengan harapan dapat bertemu mereka the soccer guys lagi. Tapi, apakan daya mereka takde. Huahua. Mungkin bertukar ke Park lain. Tapi, instead of the soccer players, aku dapat cuci mata tengok mamat-mamat baseball. Hehehe. Ohh, I did only 3 setengah rounds btw. Sebab hari mendung nak hujan.

Rabu- Instead of going to Setagaya Park, we(mak lang/jiran) tawaf around Kami-Meguro. Penat kaki. Seronok jugak sekali-sekala figure out the selok-belok kat sini. Banyak lorong-lorong kecil yang akan menembusi jalan-jalan besar. Jarang nak jumpa lorong/jalan mati.

Khamis- Hujan? Alhamdulillah…hihihi rehat ler pulek petang ni!

p/s: cara aku cakap macam la korang dapat imagine kan? For those yang tak pernah datang sini macam mane nak imagine kan? Know what, aku ni pemalas sangat nak ambik gambar. Mungkin aku kena beli kamera yang ‘sendiri punya’ baru rajin kot! Hishhhh sorry for that!

Reading is FUN! Dah habis satu novel title “for one more day”. Memang superb dan sedih. Its all about the branches relationships in A FAMILY. I miss my brothers, sister, grandmas, and cousins in Malaysia!

Setau aku ni takde dalam list kan? Since I'm taking Art & Design for IB next year...i think its time! I should start! Looking for pelukis melayu yang famous? Artist? Ade sape sape tahu /kenal?

Jun 12, 2011

Dah setahun? What's the plan?

Pejam celik, tamat sudah sesi persekolahan di bumi Jepun ini buat tahun 2010-2011. Sungguh tak kusangka masa begitu cepat berlalu. Sebagai seorang pelajar sekolah yang mempunyai hati dan perasaan, mestilah aku ade keinginan untuk ENJOY sepuas-puasnya! Waaaah, siapa sangka kerahan peluh aku berkerja sepanjang tahun, diganti dengan cuti yang panjangnya berbulan-bulan. Ehemm, 2 bulan lebih ‘je’. Who knows the sacrifice you made throughout the school year is paid off with months of holidays or enact as “summer break”? Maaflah kepada rakan-rakan sebaya di-malaysia yang baru memulakan sesi persekolahan setelah cuti 2-minggu kan? Good Luck untuk semua. SPM semakin dekat. Kalau aku punya kuasa, ingin aku mendudukinya. Tapi apakan daya~ Tak semua benda berlaku atas kehendak kita. Redha merupakan satu drp beribu jalan penyelesaian.

Terasa seperti semalam aku mengisi nama-nama cikgu ke dalam agenda. Terasa baru semalam lidah tergeliat membetulkan panggilan nama rakan2 seperjuangan. Biarpun kami datangnya dari seluruh pelusuk dunia, berlainan agama, berlainan budaya, dan berlainan bahasa..kami berjuang di bawah bumbung yang sama. Ia merupakan satu permulaan yang baik buat masa depan aku. Melangkahkan kaki ke sebuah sekolah yang diatur baik taraf akademiknya. Hati senang dan bangga dengan peluang yang terlantang ini. Again, we need to strive for certain things to happen. Segala tomahan telah mengajar aku untuk terus mara kehadapan. But seriously, honestly, truly, it was not an easy thing untuk face with all the sayings and judgments from people here. But anywyas, as we know, “if Allah bring you to it, He will bring you through it”. And here I am, got thorough all the obstacles throughout the school year. So, no worries jom tengok plan Fyra J untuk summer break kali ni.

Things yang MESTI & HARUS berlaku.

  1. Go jogging at least tiga kali seminggu. Cycling would also be okay?. Hmm. Of course, with hoping for some changes. (You know this extra baggage!)
  2. Read at least five books from the suggested list over the break. (which I’ll show you later if u want? Sebab it might vbe useful for those yang nak masuk university or further study especially ke luar negara)
  3. Siapkan assignment few weeks before school starts. (Memang ade assignments sebab they need to get us ready for ‘IB’ program next year)
  4. Plan my daily schedule for next year. This includes dividing time between study and facebook-ing and blogging and and and?
  5. Really, enjoy my leisure time since the seniors said; you might not be able to feel the freedom with doing IB next year! Its all about time consuming and Okay that is enough to scares me.)
  6. I should ENJOY the FREEDOM that I have and post stories up here as much as possible right. Ada orang baca kan? Boleh komen?
  7. I promise akan balas semua komen-komen followers aku sebab sebelum ni selalu terlepas pandang and I AM SOOOOO SORRYYYY about that. Aku bukan sombong okay.

Things I might wanna do/ I should do;
  1. I should start cover-up studying biology for a good start next year. Sebabnya otak aku memang bebal sangat dengan SC. Apehal hah???
  2. Try to accept the fact that HE is not gonna be my Math teacher next year. Need to slowly accept that okay. L this is getting really sad.
  3. Nak belajar masak selain mee goreng mamak, nasi goreng…nak pandai masak! YEayy. Nak senangkan hidup mak over the break. Hehehh.
  4. Nak hangout dengan mak & kakak to anywhere we want.
  5. Hias bilik kasi cantik, ceria, and bangkitkan mood & semangat untuk belajar. Try ye Fyra J! Please…its for your own good.
  6. Khatam lah drama-drama yang aku kempunan sangat nak tengok. For instance, nora Elena, prison break, maharaja lawak, and what else? You guys have any suggestion?
  7. Figure out, ways to get away from her for next year. (depending on ur request, I might tell u in next entry who she really is)
  8. Hangout dengan best friends and do PURIKURA./Disneysea!!! Yeayyy!
  9. Try to be consistent with a good routine starting from now on.

Don't they sound fun? I hope that I might be able to have all these wishes work out before the school year starts. Jogging, reading, movies amd writing might colour your life for the remaining holidays. Not to forget, opportunity comes only wonce, so have a list of what you are going to do, over the summer/break!

Do you guys have any suggestions with what I should do? Feel free to drop any! :D

Jun 6, 2011

Hari ini aku di-datangi dia~

Whoaaa, see how fancy my title is. But this isn’t about sweetie fancy thing that happened to me..-at all. least something yang bila aku imbau balik nanti, aku akan gelak sekuat hati. Ape yang telah berlaku pagi tadi?

Macam biasa rutin harian aku, dalam pukul 7 suku pagi gerak ke train station yang tak jauh mana pun. Kalau ikut kelajuan orang melayu, agaknya dalam 15-20 minit manakala pejalan kaki Jepun, adelah dalam 5-10 minit. Aku? kira dah orang Jepun la eh skrg? Boleh kan? Haha. Takde la. Depends jugak..kalau aku rasa malas nak jalan laju(ikut kelajuan orang jepun)..aku gerak awal sikit so tak payah nak kalot kejar train.

Kebetulan harini exam English. Macam biasa orang rajin kan selalu kelam kabut last last minit. Jadinya, pagi ni aku pun kelam kabut lah nak memorize quotes untuk essay jap lagi. Sebenanya aku dah try semalam tapi tak berapa nak masuk. Macam biasa jugak, port aku selalunya akan berdiri depan pintu gerabak yang ke---berapa eh? Walaupun ade tempat duduk, aku tetap akan berdiri. Sebab aku tak suka orang Jepun ni kecik2. Nyampah aku. Bila duduk sebelah orang, boleh rasa bahu/paha die. Tengok la badan aku kan. Kalau sebelah orang hensem okay lagi..dalam hati “alahai, driver train ni tekan la brek banyak2 lagi..” Except bila semua seats kosong, baru aku duduk. Tapi jarang je. Selalunye mesti penuh. Peluang untuk duduk waktu balik je. How saaad.

Sedang aku khusyuk menelaah ni, memang khusyuk gila beb..tiba-tiba aku didatangi seorang mahluk bernama lelaki. Berbadan agak mantap secara tiba-tibanya berdiri belakang aku. Tapi aku dalam hati..lantak kau la. Jangan kacau aku sudah aku nak exam ni!. Gua dah seram sejuk. Nak pandang..sangat tak perlu kot? Entahla. Tak cukup berdiri, dia cakap-cakap lak dgn aku. Eleh kau ni saja nak cabar aku ke? Then baru aku tau yang die ni retarded. Aku tau la aku tak reti lagi bahasa jepun kan! Nasib ade cermin pintu tu depan aku, boleh usya jugak. Dalam hati..Allah je tahu betapa takutnye aku. Ya Allah. Dalam satu minit jugak die membebel ckp dgn aku, memekak gila. Orang sebelah aku yang duduk tu pandang-pandang jugak mamat ni amende entah memekak. Lepastu die belah.

Agak comel jugak lah die jalan ulang alik dari depan ke belakang. Tak penat ke die ni? Stabil betul pulak tu. Train tengah berjalan ni. Tak jatuh pun. Kalau aku dah bersila kot atas lantai tu bukan senang nak stabilkan diri atas train ni. Tapi aku ade tips. Kalau nak stabil waktu berdiri..berdiri seiring dengan arus train tu. Kiranya menghadap kepada pintu ataupun orang yang tengah duduk. Kenapa ya? Aku kurang pasti tapi I found that it is very useful. Btw, aku akhirnya angkat gak kepala nak tengok ape yang mamat retarded ni buat. Orang jepun semua memang sempoi..tidur dan main phone je. Sorang pun tak hairan dan pelik. Cuma bila waktu mamat ni tepuk-tepuk tangan..bising..diorang pandang. Orang Jepun tak suka bising. Soo…watch out..

Okay..aku teruskan bacaan. Malah semakin kurang focus. Tak boleh nak focus memikirkan mamat tadi. Tiba-tiba die datang lagi. Ya Allah. Kali ni memang lama gila. Serius. Aku dah cuak habis. Die pandang aku pulak tu. Aku yang kononnya tengah baca buku tunduk tu,..baca ayat kursi..4kul dah semua terkeluar. Bukan ape..aku takut die pegang ke..acu pisau ke..ape ke..benda nak jadi kita mana tau kan.. Doa mintak cepat la sampai ke destinasi. Finally, sampai dan aku cepat2 belah lari…naik tangga..hahaha.

Bila sampai sekolah..aku cerita la kat kawan-kawan. Alah diorang kata biasa la tu. Memang ramai orang retarded kat jepun ni. Semua orang buat tak kisah je. Tapi specialnya kat sini, kita takkan tahu kalau die tu gila ke tak sebab cara pemakaian die sama je mcam orang2 biasa. Memang boleh dikatakan smart. Tak expect langsung dia gila. So kena sentiasa berjaga-jaga. Bahaya wooh orang macam ni.Cerita adik gua lagi best. Orang “gila” sorang ni cuba nak calit tahi idung dekat die dalam train jugak. Kawan die gelak-gelak..bukan nak tolong. Sebenanrye kalau aku pun aku rasa aku akan gelak. Sebab situasi waktu camtu memang lawak! Pastu ifwat jerit “fffffffuuuuucccc”#$%&’(“ orang gila tu takut..and terus lari” I was like.. “why did u do that? I feel so sorry for him”. Kesian kan?

Jun 5, 2011

Apa yang saya nak dari kamu

i want your apologies :P
and i am still waiting..

p/s; just incase you were wondering


English; pretty prepared :)
Science; screwed :(

day after tomorrow;

Language(English Second Language); dont care! :)

Jun 3, 2011

Jun 2, 2011

Speech and Exams

Selesai dengan impromptu speech, azab lain pulak yang datang.
Memang kita kena sabar tempuhi ujian.

Impromptu speech
Impromptu kali ni based on two short stories which are "Destiny and the Blue Cloak" & "The Withered Arm" by Thomas Hardey. I honestly hated both stories because they totally against realistic. Aku tak suka benda-benda menggelabah dan tak real. Tapi sebenarnya thoughts tu semua sebelum discuss. Tapi lepas discuss dengan classmates and cikgu waktu English lessons, memang agak menarik. Because we got to know the old tradition in England. Kalau nak tahu ape yang menarik, silalah baca buku tu. I'm pretty sure you can even read it online. But again, depends lah. Tak semua orang cakap best. Bagi aku so-so je cuma menarik bila dapat tahu benda baru plus aku memang suka tahu pasal England for no reason. Maybe sebab nak further study sana? Might be~ Amin. And maybe jugak sbb cikgu faveret aku dari England? Huahuahhhh!!

So preparation for the speech memang tough la. Kena memorize some significant quotes and kena master both stories since we dont know the question rite. Kata pun impromptu. Everyone did pretty well. Except for one of our classmates got really stuck and she couldnt actually say anything. She started about 2-3 sentences and then she stops. She actually did the same thing during the previous impromptu speech. And well..,actually she is Malaysian thats why i felt really bad for her. Takpelah, maybe she could try harder for next year. In fact, we are gonna do IB. So, benda2 present ni nanti jadi benda biasa sgt dah. Okay sooo work it out!

My Question was.. "between the two title, which has a deeper meaning?". Bila aku baca soalan aku sebelum start speech, smua orang was like "WOOOOOOO" aku pulak dalam hati.. "WTFFFFF" lah! Sumpah tak expect langsung soalan macam tu. Selalu orang tanye benda-benda yang kita dah bincang dalam kelas je like symbols, intentions.. And this was like... Aku dah la budak English Secon Language. Tambahnye marah aku ialah..soalan itu kepunyaan sesorang yang tak boleh buat speech tadi tu. Perghh bagi soalan bagai nak rak. Sabo jelah. Semua orang terkejut sebenarnya sebab; malam sebelum speech tu..kitorang satu kelas pakat nak send questions on Facebook via msj lah kan. Semua post. So, semua orang dapat prepare soalan2 dr semua orang. Except for her (yg bg soalan susah tu), did not post it on there. That is why we were like, WTF! Okay. Tapelah kan. Benda dah jadi. malang tol nasib aku. But i think, i did just fine. Result dah dapan semalam which is 86%. Tak puas hati! Sebab kurang dari previous impromptu grade. :( because of her>????hurhhhh!!

Religion Exam Yesterday
Haha! Nak gelak je rasa sebab mcam yang aku dah cerita lah. Second sem ni kitorang belajar about Islam. Waktu discussion dalam kelas mmg agak tough bagi aku tapi bila exam memang a piece of cake. Except tak cukup masa. Semua orang complain sakit tangan banyak sangat writing. Tapi aku kesian kat diorang banyak sangat nak kena memorize. Macam phrase2 arab kita. Tapi siorang mmg smart so takpe lah. So far so good. Hope for a better result! :)

Today, im gonna sit for HISTORY and MATH! Im really screwed for history. I cant do it!!!!! :(

May 27, 2011


Tinggal dua minggu..
maka tamatlah sesi persekolahan aku buat tahun 2010-2011..
banyak rintangan yang aku lalui..
namun naluri memaksa diri menerusi..

Okay la..malas nak bermadah panjang-panjang kan?
nanti aku lebih-lebih.

Minggu depan hari Khamis start final exam.
Im just gonna try the best since i really screwed my SC IGCSE..u rmmbr?

All the best..all the best untuk siapa2 yang ade exam or test jugak ye?
Kakak pun...good luck for the test.

p/s: Siapa nak ikut pergi disneysea lagi dua minggu je ni?? Yess almost there~

Gonna be like this again on the train~

wierd feeling

Is it possible to fall in love with your own teacher?
come on..come on..give me some possiblities
he's just awesome, likes to make jokes, make fun of people, treat everyone equal, concern about his students and just the best teacher i have ever had. But he already have 3 sons tho! Hahaha.

*hehe sorry..getting crazy here~~~lalalalalala 

May 21, 2011

Please Ira,

Im talking to myself don't bother to read! But if you really want to, GO AHEAD :) hehe

First, finally you're almost done with the IGCSE exam. Almost. Except Sc paper6 this coming Friday. For Sc, you know you really screwed it all. You know what's the result is going to be. Don't ever expect more than that! Yess thats for sure. Whats more, you always hated the subject. You hated the teacher! Pilih Kasih! Stupid. Slow. I hate you Mr. T. You're not being fair to your students. But, I will do something for the final exam! You will see!

Second, you did really well on your Math IGCSE exam. Because you love the subject. You love the teacher too..aren't you?? Ohh gosh! Please Ira, stop loving/liking him..he's someones' husband. Some boys' Dad! Even though they're half Indian, half Malaysian. *okay..that isn't necessary here". Its just good how you really enjoy Math, and did pretty well on the IGCSE exam. and yes, you can expect the result could even be better than SC.

English? Why is it so hard. What is wrong with my journals results? You spent forever doing those shits. But. it ddnt paid off. I know its depressing but, you need to somehow work harder for the better. Exam is around the corner. You should prove it!. Make sure, its worth it!

Ira, are you seriously lonely? Arent you? I'm pretty sure you have tonnes of school stuffs to work on..rather than thinking about these "random feelings". I know its hard to forget, but need to work on it. You're big enough. Oh, and one more matured! That might help.

Countdown till exam..can you stop going on the internet for a while~ preparing for your exam? Could you? said you wanna do the best for all the you really need to seriously deal with it!

Silence: Exam somewhere at the beginning of June. Don't ever screwed your birthday's month! :P

May 20, 2011


Macam macam macam macam macam macam macam macam macam macam macam macam macam macam macam macam macam macam macam macam macam macam macam macam macam macam macam macam macam macam macam macam macam macam macam macam macam macam macam

Hahaha. I just happened to watch this video petang ni.
"what the heck"
I was waiting for the "macam" to stop for few minutes..
And I finally gave up..and realized that it couldn't stop.
Anyways, to conclude.. I wonder why..why semua orang sekarang nak buat video? Semua nak upload kat youtube? Especially yang bercakap tiada tujuan.. Unecessary!

 okaylahhhhhh byebyebye

May 19, 2011


Hahahh! Serius tak sanggup nak dengar grammar aku, suara aku, alahaii~

Here see our silly video and photos...

Waktu siapkan ni, kalot gile..buat last minit..bersama2 3 bestfren gua yang lain~
Sebab bagi kitorang computer tak penting langsung dlm report kalau tak hantar dapat zero pun okay..tapi tibe2 haritu, hati terbukak nak siapkan..dan akhirnya itulah hasil die~

Tetibe rase nak share sebabnye..aku rase bersalah sebab lama tak update blog *bajet ade org bace je*
So, kesempatan beberapa minit ni..aku share lah clip ni.
Salah satu daripada computer assignment aku setelah hampir setahun belajar kelas komputer.
Susah gile bapak la gua cakap lu. Lagi-Lagi pakai Mac/Apple..tak biase..
Setakat keynote je tu..okay lagi..mmg lah senang..
Yang masalahnye tu..bile cikgu suruh transfer masuk picasa lah..utube lah..lepastu..haihh..
Senang cite, nak jangan bermimpi nak dapat B :P

Bukan nak bajet ke ape kan, tapi memang bersyukur sangat la
Kalau  tak dapat beli satu pun nanti, at least aku dah berpengalaman la guna Apple ni selama lebih daripada setahun lah kira :) *sorry ye imah* huahuaaa

See yaaaa! Assalamualaikum!

May 18, 2011

Didn't paid off

I Don't deserve those grades on my journals!
I worked so hard!!!

May 10, 2011

Cerita ape ni? Dah keluar ke? Filem? Korang dah tengok?

Ohh, i like both the hero especially and the heroin.
I wanna watch this film..
Where? You tube? I cant find any..

I love the song too :)

ewwww lipas lipas lipas

Banyak gila lipas kat dapur.
Tak suka!!!
Perjalanan ke sekolah pun, sudah semakin mencabar.
Peluh tiada tandingan.
Kat sekolah, dah tak main la bukak2 tingkap, terus bkk AC je...
Perghhh..I swear...i hate summer here in Japan.
I would rather enjoy summer the whole year in Malaysia :)

*well...actually its not officially summer yet..but we could feel that its coming closer.


May 7, 2011

Shibz last night

Seperti yang anda sedia maklum, kononnya gua busy gilaaaaa minggu ni. Sebab tu gua pegi hangout di Shibz bersama-sama Atif & Sheeqa. Hahahahahahaha. Memang kalau tanye pakcik google pun die taktau benda ape entah Shibz ni! Shibuya la. Bajet orang Jepun, aku dah panggil Shibz je sekarang. Haha! Tapi sayang, maaf la ye gambar purikura takde kat aku. Hahahaha. Nanti bila dah ready gambar aku upload/update lagi ye. hahahaha. Kirim Salam Tv3. Hahahahaha.

Pointless entry ni. Just to let you know that I miss u! :)

*serius aku dah sewel! :) and terima kasih kerana melawat. And and and wish me luck!

Apr 30, 2011

Budak Sekolah Jepun yang kurang asam

Selalunya aku dok kutuk negara aku kan? Sungguh takde semangat patriotism langsung kan?
Aku kutuk macam mane pun, aku tetap sayang negara aku, makanan melayu, culture aku, tanah air aku. Piwwit. Cuma kalau tukar pemimpin aku lagi suka lah kott. Eheheh.

Gambar Hiasan

Gambar Hiasan

Back to the story.
Waktu otw balik sekolah haritu with my friend, Marina...
Almost sampai dah station Yoga which is quite far from Seisen.
Kitorang nampak sekumpulan budak lelaki sekolah japanese which I would consider "bad students" yang tak pakai blazer, baju tak masuk dlm seluar, lepak2 ramai2 tepi jalan (even though u rarely see this in japan compared to Malaysia).

Gambar Hiasan

Gambar Hiasan

First thought, agak pelik sebab selalunya tak seramai tu. Terlalu ramai kot.
Marina: Ira, choose one!
Ira: WTHecckkk. Not my type. (semenjak dtg Japan ni, I prefer lelaki yang nerdy sikit. Alah, doesnt necessarily have to be nerdy yang pakai speck betty tu..nerd yang smart. Pakai blazer, rambut kemas, handsome, berkarisma la cara berjalan tu. ehehehe. Gedik lak aii aku)

Gambar Hiasan
Gambar Hiasan

By the way, diorang tak lepak atas motor, instead diorang lepak atas basikal.
Style kan? Bagi aku style la jugak =.-
Since memang dah takde jalan lain dah, no choice..terpakse la redah mereka2 ni. Tak dinafikan memang agak debar bila melintasi mereka2 ni. kalau boleh jangan pandang langsung.
Selalunya jugak, aku/kwn aku selalu avoid jalan depan diorang2 ni, sebab takut silap2 kitorang yang kena buli.
Maklumlah kita foreigner, sekolah lain..pakaian lain...muka lain...bahasa lain.... :(

Gambar Hiasan
Gambar Hiasan

Bila dah dapat tengok dekat2..terpaku jugak.
apelah yang diorang buat dengan orang tua(perempuan) dua orang ni? kenapa orang tua ni jalan mcm lemah-longlai ni? Mabuk kut?? Kenapa semua orang tengok je? Kenapa? Kenapa?
Bila dah nak dekat masuk station, kitorang toleh tengok nenek dua org tu jatuh atas jalan.
Budak2 lelaki tu semua gelak2..

Baru perasan..rupanya makcik 2 orang tadi ade masalah mental. Yang mcm orang2 OKU tu.
Orang lain semua tengok je tak berani nak buat ape.
Kitorang berdua, tak berani gak usya lama-lama..terus belah.
I'm pretty sure few seconds later mesti ade polis sampai..

Harap macam tulah..berdasarkan pengalaman aku yang dulu...

Gerak station dari rumah..nk g sekolah la..
Tiba-tiba nampak satu couple ni.
Mamat ni macam ugut2 perempuan ni..yang pasti..2 2 tengah mabuk..
Tak kurang dengan ugut, mamat tu lempang perempuan tu.
Perghh sedap jugak ler rasenya..kuat beb! tak sangka aku boleh tengok secara live.
Salunye tengok dalam drama je.

Tuptup...polis dlm 3-4 orang sampai.

Aku nak cakap yang polis/perkerja2 kat Jepun ni memang peka, bertanggungjawab.
Polis, mane ade aku nampak duduk2 sembang2. Kalau kerja memang betul2 kerja.
Guard sekolah aku tu pun..pagar utama dalam 3 orang jaga..
Berdiri berapa jam entah..mane ade bercakap.
Memang serius betul waktu kerja.
Guard jaga parking kat man-mane supermarket pun harworking jugak.
Sentiasa memastikan lalu-lalang pengguna basikal/kereta/motor dalam keadaan yang baik.

Moral of the story, each country ade baik dan buruknya.
Elak dari melakukan/melibatkan diri dalam gejala-gejala sisoal yang merbahaya.
Jangan lalu tempat2 yang senyap, sunyi berseorangan...ajaklah teman!

p/s: Maaf lah lama tak update. Sibuk dengan persiapan exam. Kawan dari malaysia dah nak sampai selasa ni. Abang dari Malaysia pun balik esok/selasa ni. Cikbib+Uncle Shuk+Opah pun nak datang! Yeayy! Can't wait! Anywys, I am going to be very busy with the external exams (IGCSE), the end of unit tests for History and Science, the Exams at the end of school year! Yeay nak habis sekolah dah bulan 6 ni! Alhamdulillah. And, wish me luck!