May 21, 2011

Please Ira,

Im talking to myself don't bother to read! But if you really want to, GO AHEAD :) hehe

First, finally you're almost done with the IGCSE exam. Almost. Except Sc paper6 this coming Friday. For Sc, you know you really screwed it all. You know what's the result is going to be. Don't ever expect more than that! Yess thats for sure. Whats more, you always hated the subject. You hated the teacher! Pilih Kasih! Stupid. Slow. I hate you Mr. T. You're not being fair to your students. But, I will do something for the final exam! You will see!

Second, you did really well on your Math IGCSE exam. Because you love the subject. You love the teacher too..aren't you?? Ohh gosh! Please Ira, stop loving/liking him..he's someones' husband. Some boys' Dad! Even though they're half Indian, half Malaysian. *okay..that isn't necessary here". Its just good how you really enjoy Math, and did pretty well on the IGCSE exam. and yes, you can expect the result could even be better than SC.

English? Why is it so hard. What is wrong with my journals results? You spent forever doing those shits. But. it ddnt paid off. I know its depressing but, you need to somehow work harder for the better. Exam is around the corner. You should prove it!. Make sure, its worth it!

Ira, are you seriously lonely? Arent you? I'm pretty sure you have tonnes of school stuffs to work on..rather than thinking about these "random feelings". I know its hard to forget, but need to work on it. You're big enough. Oh, and one more matured! That might help.

Countdown till exam..can you stop going on the internet for a while~ preparing for your exam? Could you? said you wanna do the best for all the you really need to seriously deal with it!

Silence: Exam somewhere at the beginning of June. Don't ever screwed your birthday's month! :P

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