Feb 1, 2012

My prayers

I pray that I'll be able to get through these circumstances for being too lazy during the holidays.

I pray that I'll have the courage to tell someone that I like him whenever the time comes. Because I don't want to lose it again.

I pray that I will gradually improve in my studies especially BIOLOGY and BUSINESS. Having to adapt with the language together with the syllabus contents...Urghh..incredibly tough. I wish I could do all these stuffs in malay. As a native speaker, I bet I could get an A for Business if it were in Malay. I miss being an incredibly good student in bahasa Malaysia.

I pray that Allah will always increase my IMAN and my strength to get through what He has given me. I believe there must be Hikmah from whatever happened.

I pray that I will be able to stay alive without Facebook for a while. It has been really distracting. Too bad that I can't handle myself from getting online.

Hope you hear my prayers. Amin

Jan 30, 2012

Half-leaking brain

Exams are over since last week. Now, it is the time when we, IB STUDENTS got really packed with stuffs. I hate it! For real!

I have feeling that I'm never gonna get the IB Diploma certificate. Things are over my limitation now. Overwhelmed.

Exams, yeah I'm pretty sure I screwed up especially BIO and Business. First quarter went well. Second quarter filled with clumsiness of my bio tests grades! Like, what the.....%<\€€|+! and exams which the report card is going to be delivered this week. I pray that I will be the very first person to open the letter box every single day if possible until it is delivered. Why? Because I don't want to see the disappointment on my parents countenance. It is just horrible how I can't make my parents proud of me

Jan 29, 2012


Girls aren't going to talk to you first. It's a girl thing. We don't like starting the conversation because we like to feel like you want to talk to us. We like to feel like the wait was worth something. We like feeling like you've waited for us like we've waited for you. But the number one reason we hate talking first is because we hate to seem clingy and needy. Thats why we're scared. Cause to us, being needy and obsessive just pushes guys away. And no girl wants that.