Sep 19, 2011


So the news about going back to Malaysia next year was really a heart breaking!
Its not like I don't wanna go back to my home country, its just that Ive planned so much and dreamt about all things to be done within these two years with my friends. I hate it when something/someone comes and ruined everything. Ahhh!

Tapi takpelah, manusia hanya merancang...Allah yang tentukan. Im sure banyak hikmah dsbalik semua ni.

Special to my ayah, I love you. I'll do anything for you. Imma study hard to achieve good results so that you're proud of me! I know you've work so hard untuk besarkan kami adik beradik. Alhamdulillah 3 dah masuk universiti. I'm next insya-Allah. You're getting old and tired enough of all, family, children and stuffs! Im really sorry for you.

Sorry for always blaming you about all these matters. Ahhhh Im such a bad daughter. But, I love you! Thanks for everything, especially for math and business lessons!

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