Sep 7, 2011

Buat pertama kali dalam hidup, I've answered the quiz with confidence! What a relief! Since first day of school(dis year) i've set my mind that "Biology is hard", "Biology isn't fun", "Though the teacher is HOT(cuz i used to have a crush on him last year besides my Math teacher but Biology isnt!", Biology sucks", "I hate Biology", "I'm incredibly stupid at Science since I was in primary school", "I'm never gonna do any better in this class" & "oohhhh I'm screwed!" These are all the wajib phrases that I wud always recite! Yes RECITE! Well, for days that ade Bio. Lgi teruk bila double. As I said, takkan nak biar macam tu je kan? Dah la waktu buat Lab(experiment) pun aku SLOW, bekerja pun dengan orang SLOW, everything went SLOW. But yes i worked hard to really understand the lesson we had on Statistic stuffs. looking forwd for the result. (A+++) :)

My Math Quiz result was Good. Alhamdulillah. Got to do tutor for my friend who didnt really do 'that' well. Goooood good good for myslef.

*banyak lak puji diri sendri kan kali ni? poyo je. Takpela..skali skala...

IB is hard. Yes it really is! Besides kena get good grades for sepanjang dua tahun ni, we also need to make points for outside class activity. Macam kokorikulum juga but it is called "CAS". And there's gonna be reflection for evry single thing we do. Arghh rumit rumit. But, its starting. Trying to get used to it.
So,..untuk tidak merumitkan keadaan dgn menangguh benda-benda CAS ni, my friends and I decided  nak pergi volunteer bat riceballs at Omotesando! Yesss! Looking forward for that tooo on the 25th September? Anybody wanna join? Hi hi hi

Minggu ni quite busy. Mesti korang yg fren dgn aku kat facebook tak percaya. cuz i was sooo into it. Salu je online kan. haha. But i have my own way of working. Kalau mengantok mesti kena online. Wajib wajib.
Petang, salu kena stay after school..either study group with friends or buat presentation. Memang CHOII la. kata pun IB kan.

So, here are some videos of these three idiots. Sambil wat keje mmg kena main2 sama ye. Kitorang tak pernah serius. Except waktu belajar BIO. Sebab aku suck, so aku paksa diorang ajar aku smpai aku dpt. Jangan gelak2. Enjoy our silly stupid countenance and actions and voice and and and........

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