Sep 26, 2011

losing grip

Kadang2 rase sunyi pulak..
takde tempat nak mengadu..

Dulu, jumpa kat sekolah, balik pun nak mesej lagi.
Sayang sangat~
Sekarang, kat sekolah je boleh..
After school, ur on ur own..

Now, when it comes to this situation, this condition where I don't think mom and dad would understand me and not even friends from school. We've been friends for less than two years. Its not a total giving and recieving yet. Its always what you think you should share and tell. Yess they're my soul but, those precious ones...old life mates.... I need an immediate contact for these situations...when I struggle, feeling down and just kinda want to work and let things out in seconds. you know...
and they will be there at anytime you need them. just at any time.

I seriously miss those days. I miss them.