Mar 30, 2011

Japan, Thursday, March 31, 2011- 12:08 AM

 Chattering among three
The wind is blowing the trees
The helicopter sounds noisy
As if getting everyone ready

Jin Young’s face is happy
Marina’s face is glittery
Ira is writing poetry

The wind blow so nicely
The sun light is brightening so peacefully
Although there’s a massive amount of radiation lately
We ignore and do our duty

The exact situation was that we were having Art Class. Since our pottery teacher was not here yesterday, we got to combined with 2D Art(drawing) students. The teacher was being kind by allowing us to hang around the ‘Green Top’ and find any object to draw. Indeed, three of us, Jin Young, Me and Marina….ended up writing poetry. It was really fun that we enjoyed our first day of school pretty much because of it.

Please Note: Do not get confused with the ‘poetry’ and ‘pottery’ words.

As we said, it was nicely a sunny and windy moment when we were up on there. It was so peaceful. Some were drawing trees, the Seisen’s building, the basketball’s basket, teacher’s cars and the rails on the building. We were the farther people who sat on the stairs at the corner of it. Then a helicopter came as if being alert of any other quake which was coming. We spoke about many things that we couldn’t even listed it in the poem. Anywys, the point is that I HAD FUN WITH FRIENDS on the first day of school after the break.

Ira’s hands are moving
Marina’s feet are jiggling
Jin Young’s eyes are hurting

Ira’s teeth are stable
Marina’s sitting on a table
Jin Young doesn’t know what to write anymore so she arranges her books label.

Sitting on the green top
Seisen is stupid like a mop
But the quality of studying just Pop
Three of us are staring at the sky above wondering what to opt
The Blue explains it all

So just shut up
I hate poetry
I don’t want to write this
The time now
It’s two thirty five p.m.
It’s Tuesday, twenty nineth.

Then the bell goes. We walked back to class in a bored and lumpy way.

The first poet was: MJ@Fyra M@Ira@Mus :)
Second poet was: Jin Young
Third poet were: Ira + Jin Young

Marina was drawing so she couldn’t write. HAHA. Ehh lawak ke? Takpe la bagi saya chance gelak sbb dah empat jam mengadap hw. Btw, yang ni bukan utk poetry contest :P Yang poetry contest kena gempak sikit. yang ini poetry main-main je.

Btw, WISH ME LUCK FOR TOMORROW GUYS. Finally hari yang di-"nanti-nantikan" tiba juga...ARGUMENTATIVE SPEECH. I just want to get it done by tomorrow. Tired of waiting.

Mar 29, 2011


Nasib baik hari ni masuk sekolah.
Kalau tambah seminggu lagi, GAJAH la jawabnye.
Cukupla dua minggu cuti!


Mak kata, takpe ira...MAKAN lagi....
Perliiiii :( huaaaa nak nangis.