Oct 16, 2010

time off request

i have lived in Japan for 9months. But, i'm planning to go back to Malaysia since i'm suffering from depression regarding school. I cannot stand. But still, i cannot stand for SPM too. Either SPM or SUFFERING? huh?
Mak; ira balik ambik spm pun okay jgk. abg dgn kakak dtg nnt, ikut la balik. (GILA??)
Ayah; ayah pun tak tahan dah la kerja & duduk kat sini..balik la hujung tahun nie? (APEE??)

"perancangan yang tidak matang akan menjadi beban fikiran yang berpanjangan"


Oct 15, 2010

( ^_^ )

Assalamualaikum, Hye guys...
Thanks for waiting, worrying, visiting, and reading...

Okay now, begin with...

Hell, yeah! it's almost a week I ddnt go online for my fb acc..
in fact, i would not go for this month..
actually there's two reasons and purpose for doing that..
should you know???

arghhh, whatever!
as if for me, I DON'T CARE! (ehh, kisah pulak aku???)
i should start a better life, without thinking about other people say about me.
just let it go and yeah, its my life, so I have the rights to do anything I wanted to.
elehh, actually its not a big problem..somehow it a little bit effect my point of view on life..(haha)

Besides that, my tests' results. OMGEEEE! Ya Allah..
Allah knows how i felt when i got the results.
History and Science.
Despite of stduy really hard, i failed the test. (at seisen, you guys know how my result being graded right?)
I dont get why i failed? FATE? I did what i can but, huhhhhhmmmmm (sighing)

In Malaysia, maybe, it doesnt matter but here, i can't stand when they jump all around the class while, i'm crying. I really really cannot stand in that kind of situation.
Teachers said, "it's okay u're sill new, you're still learning."
Betul jugak kan? (penyedap hati), lagipun diorang yg lain semua tu dr kindergarten kot so what?

Anywys, the moral of the story are,


What else???
Okay, kak and rotey, missssss you guys <33

Oct 10, 2010

here i go

let it go..
proof it to them..
i know i can.

history, PSAT-english & math test and ESL speech for this week.
I hope everything's gonna be alright.

Actually, i have got so many things to share with you guys about today and last night events.
Sort of fun, joy, horror and of course interesting (for me)! Seriously!
But, i'm not in a good mood to describe every bit of what happened.

Kak, rindu gila kat kakak.
Nak sembang2, not webcam but face to face.
Please dtg sini cpt skt.
Looking forward for the "Pulau Kapas news"
Misssss everyone that have been in my life before.