Aug 21, 2011

wondering if...

should i deactivate my facebook acc? or should not?
i've been thinking about it all day long..
since i realized that ive misused it along my break (summer break)..
and found out that nothing has been completely and perfectly done..
a lot of editing needs to be done on some of my assignments..

two days left for school..
i dont feel like im a student anymore..
im totally screwed this summer.
*ehh? not really! My summa has been pretty awesome though! I did some of my assigments. And okay okay, no regrets! Tidur pun cukup+terlebih apa! *incase masuk sekolah nanti tak sempat tidur ke.

Okay, baju dah iron, kasut dah ready, buku dah ready, beg dah ready, semua dah ready except assigmnt and skirt yg perlu 'diperkecilkan' sedikit. *bajet kurus kejap. walaupun berat tak turun pun bulan puasa ni. hahah!

Say bye and hello to me, wish me luck, wish me joy, wish me wish me wish me all da best!

International Baccalaureate, im coming for u idiot! :D

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Mars Mell-o said...

he he he should try to manage your time dear.. buat assignments dulu bila semua dah siap baru online kat FB :D