Apr 22, 2011

At some point, let streak tell your thoughts.

Back then, I thought
It’s just ridiculous to have a chill life
Everything wouldn’t go right
Deciding something wouldn’t go right either
It’s only the future I’m thinking
Am I gonna’ be alive in a year without you
I just couldn’t stop thinking

Unexpectedly, time goes fast
All I got to do is being alive
Struggling in every bit of my present life
Sometimes I managed to get over it somehow overwhelmed
Am I a coward or somethin’?
I couldn’t recognize who I was and who I’m now
So, who’s to cure unless you?

Time passes by..we couldn’t stop…neither forward nor rewind. All we could do is held-up-high!

An incurable pain you’ve ever have is as a drop of permanent marker ink on a piece of sheet! It’s ugly, nasty and would last forever. The only thing you could think of is throw it away into the rubbish, Get a new one. Then only you could go on with a normal life. –I believe-


“Hold a true friend with both hands”
“Hold a true love with both hearts”

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