Jan 30, 2012

Half-leaking brain

Exams are over since last week. Now, it is the time when we, IB STUDENTS got really packed with stuffs. I hate it! For real!

I have feeling that I'm never gonna get the IB Diploma certificate. Things are over my limitation now. Overwhelmed.

Exams, yeah I'm pretty sure I screwed up especially BIO and Business. First quarter went well. Second quarter filled with clumsiness of my bio tests grades! Like, what the.....%<\€€|+! and exams which the report card is going to be delivered this week. I pray that I will be the very first person to open the letter box every single day if possible until it is delivered. Why? Because I don't want to see the disappointment on my parents countenance. It is just horrible how I can't make my parents proud of me

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cikbibcome said...

what passed is passed...let't work hard for future..chill