Jan 3, 2011

Current Issues

 First of all, I would like to announce that I’m sick. It’s not that “INSANE” sick lah but, the normal sick. I got flu yesterday. Sadly, it got better today. How Allah loves me :D Syukur Alhamdulillah(happy). Why SAD? Because I thought that I can continue my ‘fantastical dreams’ while my friends are rushing catching up trains, heading up to school with their heavy winter suits and bags full of books. As you know, it’s already winter up here and it’s FREAKING COLD. ZZZZzzz. Isn’t it so good to be in bed at this kind of season and atmosphere with nothing in your head, but only with your dream Mr.Right? IMAGINE laaaaaaaaah! Throwing snow all around, making Snowman, playing ski with him? Argggh! SKIP SCHOOL I MEAN!
(Here at my place, there’s no snow down yet but I hope it will soon. Can’t wait for the icyyyyy feelings)

Sebenarnya WINTER SEASON ni not so good LAH. Menyeksakan jugak. Tapi  nak buat macam mane, kuasa Allah.  SO, kita kena bersyukur dengan cara menikmati keindahannya kan! Yang paling best, hari ni aku mandi. Ehh, tak faham eh? Sebenarnya dah dua hari aku tak mandi. Ekekeke! Teruk ke? Tak sangat kot. Sejuk wey! Kalau mandi, bankrupt Ayah nak bayor Bill air. Mana taknya, susah nak keluar. Mane tak susah, asal aku tutup je paip terus rasa sejuk. Perlukan air panas! Sampai macam tu sekali!

Secondly, I’m afraid of 2011. I don’t know why. Ohh well actually I know why! It’s because the year of SPM. Plus it will be the PLKN season soon after that. This is what I’m wondering.. Is it possible for me to get listed/participated in that camp even though I’m not going to be in the list of 2011’s SPM CANDIDATES?? Errrgh it’s hard to say. This also makes me scared and nervous!

In fact, It’s winter. I’m hard to get SWEAT! Macam mane nak bakar lemak? (padahal summer terbakar pun tak kurus-kurus jugak en?haha). My 2011 wish list? How sad. Do I have to wait for next season? Nooo, I’m sick of  procrastination! Life is hard! Any idea? I have to work this out seriously! No kidding! Help!!!!

Thirdly, days ago…I talked with Mak about my SPM & College & Future Husband. (future husband dalam mimpi je)! Okay okay, I know you guys hated this topic coz I talked about this a lot in my previous posts. But who cares, just read it! Jangan cakap banyak ye! With Mak suggestions, I briefly think that I seriously am going to sit for SPM a year later than I supposedly. Would that be a problem? Mak said, “you’re a bit behind but worth valuable experiences”. Such beautiful words came out from Mak. How LOVELY! I think so too. Well, I don’t really mind even if I take 2 years later than I supposedly, to really cover out my form 4 syllabus. I hope this decision would be good for everyone related. I’m ready to faces any problems coming due to that decision coz that’s the best I think ;p

Sebenarnya, ade college advisor at my school. Dah 2 kali buat appointment dengan dia, tapi takde rezeki. Sekali tu die ade urgent meeting so then nobody can take over her place and other one, I got work to do during study hall so then I didn’t make it. I really want Ayah to go and talk with her about this thing. But I don’t think he wants to. Kalau aku cakap pun, I don’t really know what to decide. Bukan ape, I can decide what’s the best but I need him for certain parts. Like when do your family plan to move back to your country? Am I the one to answer it? Ayah, come on lah..are you really really busy? Do you love me? Could you please help me dealing with this problem? Lets work together2..hahaa! She knows many things. Eh of course la kalau tidak takkan jadi college advisor kan? Like my friend, problem die dah settle. Sheeqa, cikgu tu survey this international school for what language Sheeqa can take when she moves back to Malaysia. They don’t have Japanese. They have BM, PEMAHAMAN only and somthg like that so then Sheeqa got to prepare, catch up her BM earlier. And I? Of course she knows what the best for me. Directly to the college by Seisen’s certification nor sit for SPM. Betul tak?

This is what we call LIFE! Fate! Whatever, whenever, wherever you just have to truly hardly sadly honestly face it! No Biggie lah dear coz Allah is always by your side.. Insya-Allah….Insya-Allah……you’ll find the way…..

It’s okay, I’m still the Insane like who I am. Enjoying LIFE ;P

p/s: ESOK SEKOLAH GI** BA*** MA***! Tak tidur lena lah malam ni. Homework sana-sini tak siap. Novel sana-sini tak baca. Impromptu speech coming for this quarter. ERRRR #$%&’(#$%&

Eh, Kurangkan Mencarut juga merupakan satu daripada azam saya buat tahun ni. Kurang je ye. Bukan Jangan. So, sikit2 buleh la kot buat kepuasan. Hahahaha.


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