May 16, 2010


Its been a week,
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, THURSDAY, FRIDAY,
Today is already Sunday.. and tomorrow comes Monday again :(

Last Thursday, I had an impromptu speech
Takut tak terkata since I have never experience giving speech in front of people
Presentation tu biase, selalunya with group members kan..not as hard
But speech in front of 20students, in English, is like "WHATHAAA...???"
Walaubagaimanapun, I was sooooooo lucky that I was the second last to present
And more lucky is, we did not get to have everyone present on Thursday
So we had the remaining people present on Friday, so I was one of them

Tapi bila fikir2 balik, takdelah lucky mana pun, hati ni rasa tak tenteram je selagi tak lepas
Kadang2 I could not even understand what the others were talking about since I was worrying thinking about my turn to go.. I learned that it would have been better if I go at least be among the first five/six people to go just so that I can appreciate and listen to persembahan yang seterusnya without worrying in every seconds...

My English teacher, who is also my homeroom teacher, Mrs Kagei banyak membantu dlm persediaan sebelum speech ni. Thanks for her encouragement and support!

Alhamdulillah mine went well, my question was
"What are the differences between SEISEN and your old school?"
So easy right? Thanks for sape yang tulis soalan ni..
And also classmates did pretty well..
So for those who's wondering about how the speech went,,,
  1. There is a box at the corner in front of the class which is full of questions(we wrote the day before this speech started). Pick a question. Read.
  2. Get out of the class, and prepare/jot down your ideas for two minutes while waiting.
  3. After the person before you has already done, its  your turn to present and the next person has to pick the question before you speak.
  4. So, each person would not be able to see seorang punya presentation sebab while you are preparing outside for two minutes, the person is presenting inside.. Kinda sad LOL.

According to Ms.Kagei, impromptu speech kali ni is just a practice for us to face the real(graded speech) next week...a speech based on the novel we're reading now "To Kill A Mockingbird". I love that book.

Pape pun..wish me luck for speech minggu depan..
I'm horribly nervous for it! :(

Again, boring punya pasal are videos of Imtiyaz..

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