Jul 11, 2010


Enough is enough ira.
Time passes by but nothing has been done.

Ms.Reiff told during the last lesson of Writing Essays Class on last summer school...
"if u really want to be successful in English and get good grades in essays, you gotta sacrifice one-two hours reading and writing for every single day..this is for your own good. If can, you have to always watch English movies because it also helps you in developing English for you essays. No excuses! REMEMBER!"

Hah, I can't really remember every single word that she said, but those are what i did grab during her 'speech'.
Though I knew I was not doing the right thing, I kept saying that there is always tomorrow for doing that on my mind..again and again.
I tend to procrastinate...seriously, what is wrong with me?

Well, something needs to be done before school starts. 
HELP YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!
Please,,I wanna make my parents feel proud of my achievements later during the school year!!!!!!
Yes, I can do this!

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ejat said...

ira,i know u can do it..