Dec 4, 2013

Quick update on my not-so-interesting-life

Its amazing how time flies.
I could not believe that it has been almost a year since I last wrote an entry.
Its so amazing, I can't put into words just how amazing I am feeling right now. 

Believe it or not,
I am now back in bolehland, yes, definitely my tanahair, Malaysia tercinta. Errrr.
It took a while to adapt to the environment here.
I don't think the weather was a big of a deal, but the people here. I'm not being rude, but there is a huge difference between Japanese and Malaysian that I sometimes think we are still living in the zaman purba where some people are just so uncivilized. Tapi up to this month, dah nak masuk bulan ke-5 balik, so I am getting used to it. 
Fully adapted I guess :D

Home sweet home. Settled down in Sg. Petani :D
Afterall, thats Malaysia, my home country!
I love the food especially during Puasa and Raya.
After 3years having to celebrate Raya at the embassy, Tokyo, I finally got to celebrate Raya at Kampung here which has been my wish came true. Though the suasana had became a little different, you know what I mean, its not as same as the suasana raya when you were young right? But I feel so blessed and satisfied to be able to gather with the whole family at Kampung. It was a lovely bonding time among cousins since I have missed those moments for the past 3 freaking years!

Paling hotsetap!
Another important thing you guys need to know;
I can legally drive now. Cehh, macamlah I penah drive secara haram sebelum ni kan? Opkos not. Im such an innocent girl la, I don't do those kinds of things. Kehkehkeh.
Sebenarnya, for the ujian berkomputer, I failed twice, but managed to passed(markah cukup2 on the third try). I seriously dunno what has gone wrong with my brain. I freaking study kowt before the test! Sadis gila kena bahan dengan family, especially my abang. He said I'm soo lembap and pecah rekod cause never happen in sejarah keluarga kita ulang ujian berkomputer tu. Shitt! I felt so so so stupid!
Despite the failure, I passed both motor and kereta punya test sekali hambik jelah! And I am so so so proud of myself. Bahaha.

At kelas theory memandu with some new friends!

Planned to find a part time job on either August/September while waiting for my college application, UPU and whatsoever next year, but now dah December and I am still jobless. I did try searched, and even called some places tapi ada je halangan.
Parents ni ada je. Distance. Transport. Safety. Kalau macam tu, sampai kiamat pun aku tak dapat pengalaman bekerja lah cite die. Ayah pulak memang dari awal tak restu dengan usaha aku nak cari kerja.
He said he doesnt mind if I go to kelas2 untuk belajar something, baking ke jahit ke..and he doesnt mind paying for it rather than letting me do part time jobs. Kenapa ayah tak faham yg anak dia ni perlukan duit untuk berjoli? Urghhhh aku stressssss!

Tapi stress aku telah diatasi dengan mengisi masa lapang ke kelas piano. yahooo. Baru sebulan je. So do not request a video of me playing jingle bells okay. Bila dah boleh main winter sonata ke nanti I'll post a video without having you guys to request it up here. Ehehehehehe :P

Dont know if I still have readers, tapi kalau ada please..kindly pray for me.
1. Dapat part time job sebab memang aku stress boring tahap gila tunggu masa untuk meletop je ni.
2. Dapat tawaran sambung belajar sebelum aku gila.

I actually have soooo many more to share to you guys about soooo many things tapi its going to take longer to write and longer to read so I guess sampai sini dulu kayy. Nanti kita sambung celoteh. tatatata


Ruun Hamiza Adihays said...

You're back! super insane xD

Musfirah Jamuli said...

hehe, yes my loyal follower! Imah, nak request entry pape tak? takde idea la...huhu