Apr 12, 2011

luahan hati

Today's weather wasnt windy at all!
Unfortunately, the earthquake happened twice!

The first: approximately 8 a.m
I was in the library..doing some research! Tiba2 gegar.
Semua orang buat tak reti je. Aku pun try lah buat tak reti. Kononnya cool lah. Haha.
Tapi it ended really long and pretty scary.

The thing is that, nobody really moves... under the table or whatsoever. Maybe it gets really normal.
Gila kan?

The second: 2 p.m??
Doing Math. And its damn big jugak! Tapi aku memang tersangat cool. Tapi sick of someone whos always "panicking". Shes making me even more and more panic! That was SHITTT! (sorry kurangasam betul tangan aku menaip) Tak boleh ke relax? Calm... Memalukan. Meluat. Ya Allah. For how much longer do i have to stand and being her "mother" all the time?

Im thinking of how this really is...considering...the darkness in my heart..!

"True friends are the people who brighten your smile everytime your with them"
-Julia VeRost~

 Well, yeah...sometimes they don't!

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