Feb 20, 2011

Contest "Owh, So Wonderful!" by Sophie Al-Yahya

I’m really sorry that I do not have the real picture of this wonderful story. I don’t have it now. I promise, balik Malysia nanti, aku akan post entry ni sekali lagi and put the real picture.

Here's where i started to think about this wonderful story!

Setting; Harare the capital city of Zimbabwe, stated in the Africa continent.
Time period; 2003

It was a long winter break and we went for a travel to South Africa. It was early in the morning at the embassy of Malaysia, Harare, Zimbabwe, Africa where we reached there from our hometown Malawi. After spending about three nights at the embassy, it was time for us to continue to our last destination, South Africa for about 1000km from there. Pajero and Mercedez E class cars with diplomatic plate; they started the engines. Ours, was the pajero that fit seven people. Dad and uncle Mad were checking their car, and the two big containers of petrol in the boot of our pajero. Everything checked out and now we were ready to leave.


Dad followed behind uncle Mad’s car as he is more master of the way to the destination; he went there before. We were still in the city and unfortunately, the light turn red. We came to a stop. But Uncle Mad’s car had gone further. We thought that he realized we had to stop as usually we experienced that. It was desolate, sad; quite still dark, freezing and no car behind, next and in front of our Pajero as giving us the hint that something bad will happen later. I wonder why because it was like too quiet and too mournful. Suddenly, a “bump, crash, cracking, explode” sound appeared from at the back of the pajero. Everyone held their heads as we thought the petrol that we brought for our journey, exploded and I also thought that I was going to die, burn in the car altogether with my family. While I was thinking those bad things, I heard my brother who was fifteen years old, tall and big, asked for permission from dad. “What??” I wondered. He opened the door and ran out to a black guy that was holding my brothers’ bag. “Wait, why is he holding my brothers’ bag?, in fact it’s only kids’ clothes, does not fit that guys’s body.” Then only I realize that they broke the back mirror of our Pajero and took two bags which were my brothers’ bag and ran away toward the brick walls near the traffic lights. My brother caught one guy and kicks him as he was lying down. There were about two to three other black people that saw the incident and also my dad tried to stop my brother from hitting the guy. He was just out of control. The other guy left the bag that he took and climbed across the brick wall and he succeeded. Later, there were few policemen came and took the man to the police car. Who called the police I did not know but it was not my dad. Finally, uncle Mad came. He realized that we took so long at the traffic light. He sped back to us. Dad and uncle Mad decided that we continue the journey even without the back mirror of our Pajero. Somehow dad covered with some kind of plastic and because of that, dad could not drive 140 km/h as it is going to make the pajero fly up in the sky.

I realized that we were all crying in the car. My small brother and my older brother at the back had all the small chip of the broken mirror on their head. We cleaned the car and again hope for a safe journey this time. Nobody was injured. Even without the back mirror we safely arrived Johannesburg city about eight o’clock at night. Beautiful as heaven. Lights were all around; tall buildings were really great view at night. It was kind of weird that we don’t have the back mirror and I’m pretty sure that other people was like staring at our car. Anyway, we were kind of famous at that time! We stopped by at a place and uncle Mad called his daughter who stayed and studied there to take us to the place that she rent for us. While we were waiting for uncle Mad’s daughter, we again talked about the horrible incident that morning and said that we had a really good experience to tell to our descendants years later. We should also be prepared because anything will happen even if you assume it will be a bright day. However, we laughed and happy at that moment and felt thankful that everyone was okay and safe.

Btw, the next morning, my dad got to send the car at the shop and the rupa/the cermin belakang became normal.

Initially, originally, it is kind of like a horrible incident/story, but I finally thought that it was a really wonderful experience that I have experienced 8 years ago, and I will never forget that!

zaman hingusan

Victoria Falls Zambia, near to the Zimbabwe border.
 The picture above is also on a travel. But that one was with aunty Noha's family, the most awesome trip :) JUST TO GET YOU GUYS THE SCENERY.


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