Jan 18, 2011


Nothing for this entry.
Just wonder why i'm so addicted to this song>>>yang tengah main kat blog aku ni.
That is why feedjit tu semua Tokyo, diri sendiri lah tu.
I really love this song. I derive many kind of feelings by listening to it. LOVE IT.
Dakara, i will always listen to it :P

Will inform u guys what about this song, y it is so significant... next entry ok!

Esok cuti. Tadi dah habis exam. Rasanya puas kot study untuk exam kali ni. No regrets at all. Tapi I dont want my grades back. If can. But really, i don't really mind if i fail. Thats much what I can. Lts just dont wait for the result okay? Gahahahahahahaha.

Salam :P

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