Nov 25, 2010

How could you do that? I misssssss you

Someone you love, someone you like, someone you trust, someone you lay on whenever you feel down and during your hard time, someone that I believe she’s even your Idol, she stabbed on your back! (or even more mean than that)

That’s terrifying, horrible, unspeakable, unimaginable, unacceptable situation and condition that you’ve gone through.. That you never expect to happen that you have never dream would have happen.

Even though you forgive her, you back to the way you were, you forgot everything that happened, I’m pretty sure..deep inside your heart there’s still a tiny hole that would have change your perception on life, on people, on world, on universe.

Well, thats mine.
Here is mine, mine!
I would rather not believe in any one else than having tonnes of friends without purpose.
No more trust in you, you & you.
The past did somehow affect the present and the future, in some ways you could see and also a million ones you couldn't. Time wasn't a thing you could divide easily; there was no defined middle or beginning or end. I could pretend to leave the past behind, but it would not leave me where I would never trust anyone anymore.

Anyways, life goes on. and some said,
"Life is an awful, ugly place to not have a best friend."

I might gonna think about that! For me, bestfriend does not exist anymore since I kept moving here and there.
(HOW COULD YOU HAVE THE HAERT TO DELETE MY POST ON YOUR WALL??, rather than just keep it on there or if you really want to do that, then, delete all of those posts on your wall including your new 'MRSM' friends. I JUST CAN'T GET YOU OUT OF MY MIND, I hope that does not meant to happen, all it was ACCIDENTLY happened, I HOPE!)

i started thinking if the people closest to me can do this then every one can so i dropped of the face of the planet and now i dont have the haert to even communicate with them anymore, how can i trust people, in general, again?

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