Sep 7, 2010

You may

Now, you may get out of my mind..
Yesssss u may...
You might.....erghhhh..

...letting go of my frustrations at living in such a cool climate (don't laugh - that's a real one for me) and I'm keeping the memory of us...

...letting go of my tiredness from a nearly sleepless night and keeping those pictures close to my heart the perfectly right moment of us-warm safe, trusting, and full of peace. (i hope soo)

...letting go of all those little annoyances and keeping the spirit of joy, in all things.

I end my mid-afternoon prayers of transition and move on to the evening prayers of serenity.  Gratefully, I let go of all that hinders me and move forward with hope and peace and life.

Guys enjoy your moment..
Be grateful and thankful for every second with the your love ones...

Sooo there would be no regretl and mourn in the future..
Let the past stick in our head as the label of  MEMORIES


1 comment:

syasya said...

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!!!
i miss u aw<<like crazy<<<huhu
kim salam kat sume..
bju raya kita wrna PINK..
I HATE PINK!~~!!!~~~