Jan 14, 2011


I’m confused! I don’t get what’s the purpose of my blog! I’ve been gambling around with what I experienced. When I visit many other blogs, there are always going to be some tips and some knowledge that I got. What about mine? Did u guys got something  after dropping by here? Bored? I really have no idea of what this blog is about. So basically, I am just going to post as much “qualities” as I can and I hope that u guys can gain something like morals maybe…?? from my experience? And yaaaa, a blog doesn’t necessarily always have to be “giving tips” to people right? It can also be something sort of “sharing”. So, Gomennnasai/ Sorry to you guys who has already followed my story up here. I do appreciate it. Thank you so much. Support me as much as you can ya!. And I’ll try my best to be a responsible and a good follower to all of you.

PSTTTTT! I just realize something for the past 3 days when I was studying for the exam. “hmm…kalaulah hari-hari macam ni, mesti satu hari nanti aku akan jadi genius » betul, memang tekun, khusyuk dan tawaduk, terpaku aku seketika kerana tidak percaya akan kerajinan aku menelaah buku-buku pelajaran. Perghh skema ayat!

PSTTTTT! I just realize one more thing! My BM (karangan/ VOCAB) ergh ayat2 formal la, are getting worst. And at the same time my English is at the same stage as my worst BM, as well it is better than before, where my English was like “WTH”. I told this to my ESL teacher that my Malay VOCAB is getting worst..its not that worst but I’ve forgot them much. And she replied, “it’s good to hear that’. That’s what international schools’ teachers aimed. And then again, I was like, WHAT THE KEJAM? And she laughs. Haha, although that was quite funny I don’t feel like it! “BAKAJA”. What about my Arabic?, that I learned one year ago? Its lost. Bila baca Al-Quraan pun, all I know was “wa”=dan, “fa”=maka, “thum”=kemudian and stuffs like that. I don’t remember any word. Arghh so pathetic. I miss my Arabic class lesson and everything.

PSSSSTTT! Satu lagi je tau. Haha. Exam semalam was like hell. Susah gila. Waktu belajar memang aku confident gila dah faham. Memang sempat review semua. Masuk otak pulak rasa. Tapi bila jawab kertas, Ya Allah, aku tawakal. Moral of the story, walaupun moral ni dah berulang utk yang ke seratus kali, aku tetap tak berubah. Penyakit ape entah. Marilah kita reform sikit ye! HIJRAH la wahai ira. Eh, lupa nak bagi tahu.. the moral of the story.. jangan tangguh. People tend to procrastinate, till they get cram at a time. I feel like failing English and Science. Hmmm, I hope that my quarter grade will help the grading skim to increase my exam’s marks. Amin.

I wrote so much, time to study. Bye guys. Salam.

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