Oct 8, 2010

hey hey you you i want to be your girlfriend

hahaaaaa whatever!
What a bored morning.
I woke up so early due to the fact that i slept much much early.
There4, i've paid my sleep that i owe along this week.
GREAT! Kitorang kat sini baru belajar kira dan mengurus masa tidur bila cikgu sedar yg kitorang punya class participation in class recede in time. (sape nak blaja caranye?? meh la nak tolong ajarkan ^_^)
However, there still about two to three hours that i have to pay.
So, maybe tomorrow.

This morning, i dont feel like doing any homework.
I just want to spent my leisure time doing nothing including updating blog.
Or else, again i'll sleep.
Homework, TONIGHT! MUST!

Breakfast, i cooked Nasi Goreng for ayah. LULUS!
Okay la tu. Tapi failed utk imtiyaz, die kata "pedasnye, apala kakak ila nie"
Hahaha sorry baby.

I cant answer the sc test despite of finishing ENGLISH!
Because of ENGLISH HOMEWORK, i fell asleep. When i get up, its already 6 in the morning. WTF! Memang la bukan totally sbb english, i should have prepared before the test right? tapi salu tangguh2 study, dsbbkn english..sooo? what?

I DO CARE about my result.
Waiting for the bad result and hope it would not happen again.

How about my presentation?
It was good.

Marina, brought her new iPhone4 to school yesterday.
She gave it to me to play along the way to yoga satation.
Haha, and now, JATUH CINTA kat iPhone pulak.
Mak, nak satu boleh? Ayah, nak satu boleh?
Rasa mcm perlu la pulak sekarang nak cntct kwn senang.

Tak payah asyik nak online je.
nak nak (mintak dalam ni je, sbb kalau mintak betul2 mesti dapat, and i started feeling guilt)
I'M not like Ifwat. Ha Ha Ha Ha.

Eh yeah, berita terkini, ifwat rosakkan kamera. WTHECKKK?
Camera yg cantik gila tu.
Dah la habiskan duit beli macam2, lepastu rosakkan pulak? Hah!
Dasaaaaaaarrrrrrr! HEHE.

Today, Sabtu ade open house tingkat satu. Rumah uni!
Should i go? cm malas.

Tomorrow, Ahad open house rumah izzah.
I must go.
And also for tomorrow, i planned to go to khaleeda's house in the morning to finish our assgmnt together and at 3 o'clock straight to izzah's house since it's not that far.
Harap jadi ^^ bye bye

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