Sep 16, 2010

Time passes by

It seems a rainy day..
From the beginning of the day..till now..
I'm typing despite tonnes of homework havnt done yet..
I just wanna share how i feel right now..

This rainy day seems a picture for eyal's leaving Japan..
The whole Tokyo cried..along the way..
We were so sad! everyone does.

Mak woke up early this morning to prepare our breakfast.
And also for our lunch. Shows how much she loves us.
She did that for the sake of sayang anak.
Yess i know. I did not help her..cos i'm still sleeping.

We started our journey at the same time..
Mak, Ayah and Imtiyaz were going to Narita whereas i and ifwat are heading up to school.
So we did the "sedih,salam,kissing" part with eyal..and i felt sooo touched.
Eyal kissed my cheek! Haha, and i was about to cry but i controlled my emotion and say byebye to eyal..

Seriously, we did enjoy our time together with eyal..
but it seems so short..
Hope u'll be okay there and good luck for trial.
Sayonara yal..

Besides i was soo happy for my sc test result.
Did u guys remember about the seisen's grading criteria?
Yes, that one..i got (A-) although it was not that tough but Alhamdulillah.
Got starter for my self. All praises to Allah.

However, i told my mother about that and she said..
Maybe coz its too easy.
I hate that respond and i regret for telling her about that.
I was soo dissapointed..

At least, give some advice or compliments maybe??. she makes me feel soo stupid.

I sapposed to tell ayah he's more concern about this but i'm scared to tell him just for no reason >.< hahaha!

FRIDAY? really? hahaha! ALHAMDULILLAH!


fiezaza said...

Salam Iera~

hehe.. kak ijah nie..
ade blog xbitau punn.. :D
sedap ar lagu kt blog iera, ape tajukk ek?
anyway, teruskn mengupdate citer2 kt jepun ye..
kirim salam kt famili :D
and tak lupe gak, selamat hari raya,
maaf zahir batin :D


Fyra M said...

hahaha kak ijah! thanks jd follower. hehe.
lah kena bgtahu ke huhuu...
tajuk bestfriend kan? huhuu...
okay2, kirimslam family jugak eh!
selmat hari raya kak ijah ;p
maaf zahir batin gak.