Aug 16, 2010

First Day of School+Fasting

School starts..
After about three months at home..
Doing nothing..Wasting everything..
Haha, ya!, time, money

At first i cant wait for school that I kept asking people "do u know when school starts?"
But now, how do i feel?
Im starting to feel stress-out
Next week i'm not gonna be able sit in front of this screen anymore..starting from wednesday.
I'm really really gonna miss u black-acer-notebook.
Miss your smell, your sound, your appearance! HAHAHA! Ya that's the fact.

Gonna be busy with homework, sports, speeches, essays, and many more!
Plus, Plus i'm an ESL student. So, i must give 100% effort this year.
Pray for me.

Can you imagine that?
Jihad..Alhamdulillah pahala lebih!
I cant wait for the challenging day + cant believe that i'm going to school walking under the lightening SUN! i guess about 45minutes journey.
Harap tahun ni lebih bermakna dari yg sebelumnya! Amin


mE:aZiMaH said...

ira,selamat kembali ke sekolah..hehe
~cabaran jugak puasa ira kali ni..xpe2..
~miss you!

Fyra M said...

hahaha, tahu takpe~
okay2, miss u too ;p